Air Handling Unit Applications

Sometimes known as make up air units, air handling units are useful for a number of purposes. They can be applied in a variety of locations and building types, including industrial facilities, warehouses, and kitchens and food service properties. These air handling units are part of a larger HVAC system that ensures that a building has proper climate control with heating and cooling along with the necessary air pressure and air quality to make employees and guests in the building comfortable and safe.

Air handling units are often used to make sure that there is no negative indoor air pressure in a building. This situation can occur when fans and heating and cooling systems cause more exhaust air to be expelled from the building than is coming into the building. The results can be very difficult for the building proprietors since it can cause excessive drafts into the building and problems with the heating or cooling keeping up with temperatures changing due to those drafts of air from outside. Air handling units are installed to ensure that these drafts don’t occur along with other problems related to negative indoor air pressure, such as doors being difficult to open and dirt and dust being blown into the building.

There are other important purposes of air handling units beyond balancing air pressure, however. One of the most important features on many air handling units is an air filter which removes dirt, dust and other unwanted particles from the air. The ability to filter air allows air handling units to create better air quality in the environment in which they are being used. This can provide a better environment for employees to work in, especially since bad air quality can lead to health problems and other unpleasant symptoms.

In dryer environments, air handling units can also have a humidifier component which adds in more moisture to the air. This is often a problem in cold climates where continuous use of a heater can cause the air to become quite dry. On the other hand, some air handling units have dehumidifier components which are essential for keeping excess moisture out of environments where it could cause problems with mold, odors or machinery malfunctions.