Jennie Negri

Credit and Payroll Services

Jennie Negri handles Accounts Receivables and Production Payroll / Human Resources at AbsolutAire.  She is responsible for maintaining accurate records of and following up on receivables, debit memos, and tax exempt certificates.  In her position, she also works closely with production employees, justifying time and processing weekly payroll, and also handling employee Project Incentive Agreements.  The HR aspect of Jennie’s position charges her with assisting with new hires, insurance-related inquiries, personnel contact information records, and employee vacation requests.

Jennie joined AbsolutAire in 2007 as the Accounting Assistant.  After spending four years developing that position, she moved on to Administrative Assistant, assuming her current position in 2012.  Prior to joining AbsolutAire, Jennie worked in Accounts Receivables for a local electrical distributor.

Jennie graduated from Delton Kellogg High School in Delton, MI, where she earned numerous math and science awards.  She has also received specialized training in Orthodontics.