Why Indoor Air Quality is Important with Direct-Fired Makeup Air


When working in an enclosed space, you can guarantee you and your workers breathe easy by installing a proper direct-fired makeup air unit. AbsolutAire offers the best available technology for indoor air quality, so you know your air management can be professionally handled when you work with us. Compared to other physical characteristics of a workspace, indoor air quality may be one that goes unnoticed for long periods of time, as it does not have an obvious presence. This, however, does not make it any less important to take care of.

Possible effects

There are different problems that can start to occur when you don’t take care of indoor air quality with a proper direct-fired makeup air unit. Immediate health effects that can occur with repeated exposure to poor air quality are irritation of eyes, nose, and throat, with the possibility of headaches, dizziness, and fatigue. Thankfully, these issues are short-term and can be solved by improving air quality, but when they go untreated, they can lead to respiratory diseases, heart disease, and even cancer. 

Good news

So, although it might be intimidating to see all those possible harmful consequences, you can easily fix the short-term problems or avoid the short and long-term issues altogether when working with AbsolutAire. The AA, V, or R-Series products in our direct-fired makeup air line can give you the air circulation you need while providing a 99.8% efficient burner. The versatility of these products means that almost any building can benefit from their use to maintain great indoor air quality.

With the efficient and effective makeup air systems from AbsolutAire, your buildings or projects can receive the quality total air management they need to make for a safe work environment.