What Are the Best Uses for Indirect-Fired Heating?


With winter rapidly approaching, it is important to know what the best uses for indirect-fired heating are. Indirect-fired heaters are heating systems that are designed to heat air within a contained space without contaminating the environment of that space. Whether a commercial, institutional, or industrial application, an indirect-fired heating unit is great choice to keep your environment heated and regulated.

AbsolutAire’s I-Series indirect-fired heat and ventilating provides an excellent unit for either indoor or outdoor installation for a variety of applications. With winter just around the corner and dropping temperatures getting lower and lower, you can count on the I-Series to give you the best heating for uses such as:

1. Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing benefits from indirect-fired heating because it needs heating that won’t contaminate the air space. This can keep food-grade applications filtered and heated throughout any cold conditions.

2. Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical plants need heating that won’t interrupt manufacturing, research, or testing due to contaminants. Indirect-fired heating prevents this intrusion while still providing an excellent source of heating.

3. Metal Production

Metal production is another industry that benefits from lack of contaminants in the air. Indirect-fired heating allows metal production to maintain a comfortable working environment without creating any impurities in the metal that might make the metal less strong or dependable than it would be otherwise.

4. Automotive Detail Work

Whether painting or detailing the exterior of a vehicle, indirect-fired heat provides comfortable heating without mixing any unwanted contaminates with the paint being applied. This ensures a great coat of paint and a workspace that isn’t freezing cold during the winter months.

5. Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical work benefits from indirect-fired heating because they often need a temperature regulated environment that also keeps stays dry. Indirect-fired heat heats and ventilates air, while also keep moisture levels in check.

Because they operate in a way that does not release carbon dioxide into the space they operate in, indirect-fired heating systems are great for any space given here as examples, or any other tightly sealed space that wants clean, warmed air.

AbsolutAire’s I-Series meets all these needs as a professionally crafted indirect-fired heating system. With a mission to always meet the air management needs that our customers have, you know that you are always getting the best when you choose AbsolutAire for your air heating and ventilation this winter and into the future. Contact us today to get started on better heating for your space!