What Air Handling Unit is Best for Your Space?


Whatever heavy industrial work your building maintains, an air handling unit from a top-of-the-line company ensures the interior environment always stays within your comfort levels. Many industries even require specific levels of humidity, heat, ventilation, etc. to ensure their processes are not interrupted because of an environment not suited to them.

AbsolutAire, with its S-Series custom air handling system, provides all the solutions that anyone needs to make sure their space meets the demands of its industry and the comfort of its workers. We pride ourselves as the total air management company, and our air handling units are all capable of providing the HVAC services that any industry needs.

Customize your air handling

When choosing an air handling unit, one that can fit all the capabilities that you require of it is likely to be the best solution. Rather than trying your luck at finding an HVAC unit that partially works for what your industrial space needs, but might fall short in other areas, count on a professionally made piece of equipment that guarantees a better overall air management experience.

The S-series from AbsolutAire offers customized air handling capabilities to ensure they service the space they are installed at in every way it needs. Their modular design approach allows them to provide heating, cooling, ventilation, multi-step filtration, humidification, and much more. Because of their versatility and dependability, the S-series have been the go-to HVAC units for many of AbsolutAire’s customers for years.

Year-round comfort

Industrial HVAC should not only be capable of providing a space with simple heating or cooling, but should also be able to adapt to the conditions of the season without trouble. From drying air during the winter to high humidity levels and heat of the summer, adaptability to the exterior conditions of the building can be vitally important.

Built with specific operating sections, the S-series manages air no matter the conditions that are on the exterior of a structure. Operations like paint spray and bake or warehousing often require a specific level of humidity, temperature control, and more, and the S-series does it all.

When it comes to air handling units, AbsolutAire has the best through innovative thinking about how your space’s air should be managed. This thought process comes from years of experience, and it, combined with our array of unbeatable HVAC, means your building’s air will get the solutions it needs.