Stay Cool with Air Handling Units from AbsolutAire


Now that temperatures are finally starting to rise and consistently stay at decent temperatures, it’s time to think about what to do this summer with your air handling unit. AbsolutAire’s direct and indirect fired heating units may have kept you cozy during the winter months, but now that those have passed, AbsolutAire is ready to offer efficient cooling options to you to keep your work area comfortable. If you’re looking for superior, cost-efficient cooling for your buildings, AbsolutAire has what you need.

A simple solution

At AbsolutAire, we believe in simple, effective solutions to your air handling problems. We can provide economical and effective cooling options that may be added into your direct and indirect fired heating, ventilation, and make-up air systems. We make the process easy for you by making your air handling units capable of being paired with our cooling options. They can also be stand alone or be couple with steam, electric, or hot water heating systems. No matter what type of system you have, AbsolutAire can provide cooling solutions for you.

Keeping it comfortable

When cooling your building, AbsolutAire gives you options based on your facility requirements. We offer evaporative and mechanical cooling options that come as low-cost, efficient answers for your building’s temperature control. Both methods will provide you with increased worker comfort and an overall improved quality of your indoor air. Our cooling options also provide you the opportunity to not only remove heat from your building, but humidity as well.

Every situation has a solution

No matter where you are, or what sort of building you’re looking to cool, AbsolutAire can accommodate your needs. We can develop engineered solutions based on the air entering your facility by dry-bulb and wet-bulb temperatures, as well as based on your elevation above sea level.

AbsolutAire maintains a strong commitment to value in our products and services, and we make sure that every customer shares the same great experience. With AbsolutAire, you will always get the dedication and excellence you need for all your air handling problems.