Make Indoor Air Quality A Priority At Your Work Place


Indoor air quality should be a priority of any industry. The EPA has put together a library of information regarding air quality for all types of work environments to consider when thinking about ventilation systems and the air quality in the building, warehouse, or office.

The EPA suggests a variety of options to improve indoor air quality…

  • Do not block air vents or grilles
  • Comply with the office and building smoking policy
  • Dispose of garbage promptly and properly
  • Avoid bringing harmful or contaminant products into the building
  • Notify superior immediately when suspicion of indoor quality air problem

AbsolutAire offers solutions for better indoor air quality in kitchens, warehouses, and/or buildings. Solutions also save businesses on energy expenses each month. AbsolutAire complete line of solutions include:

  • Paint Spray and Bake: high performance process air for paint finishing solutions
  • Heavy Industrial: provides total air quality, energy savings, and environmental control
  • Warehousing Solutions: Climate control for clean, green, and total energy efficiency
  • Kitchen and Food Service: direct-fired and value-driven make-up air solutions are available

Solutions provided by AbsolutAire depend on the type of work environment. Light industrial settings require something simple, versatile, and economical. Government and public buildings require environmental comfort, energy efficiency, and controlled operating costs.

A common theme available is “controlled operating costs” or “energy efficiency." This equipment is hefty; it usually takes up a lot of room, which is why HVAC equipment is often on the roof or somewhere concealed. As a consumer, it is wise to choose a system appropriate for the work environment, but that is also energy efficient; that will cut costs for the company.

AbsolutAire provides commitment to providing customers with direct-fired make up air, indirect-fired make up air, and heating and ventilation systems.