Maintain Comfort and Air Quality in Your Space With Indirect Fired Heating


Having an effective HVAC solution that meets your applications specific needs is important when maintaining both your space’s air quality and comfort. While larger industrial operations require the use of direct fired heaters to provide their spaces with warm air, some applications do not require the same level of fuel efficiency and volume and have specific air quality requirements to be successful. Capable of providing efficient heating to smaller spaces, the indirect fired heating and ventilation units from AbsolutAire can provide a number of benefits to your institutional, commercial, or light industrial applications.

A Solution for When Heating and Air Quality is Critical

Ideal for any applications or settings that require energy efficient heating at lower volumes than those that would require the use of direct fired heating systems, the I-Series of indirect fired heating and ventilation units from AbsolutAire offer spaces effective heating with minimal contamination from combustion gases. Capable of providing either gravity ventilation or power ventilation, the I-series units allow for the exhausting of combustion gases outside of spaces, helping you keep your air free of contaminants while also providing efficient heating. With heating capacities of up to 1,200 MBH, and 14,800 CFM airflow capacities, the I-series provides an ideal HVAC solution for spaces where maintaining good air quality is a necessity.

Features Give You Better Control of Your Spaces Air

The I-series of indirect fired heating and ventilation systems from AbsolutAire were designed to meet the specific preferences of our customers. With effective heating, advanced filtration, evaporative or mechanical cooling media, and other features that are found on many of the HVAC systems offered by AbsolutAire, the I-Series can provide customers with the same level of control over their space’s temperature as our direct fired heating systems. Giving you greater control over the quality and comfort of your space’s air, the I-Series makes for an ideal choice when looking for an HVAC solution that meets your space’s air quality requirements.

When your space is in need of efficient heating and ventilation that minimizes contamination from combustion by-products, while also allowing for effective control over your spaces air, the I-Series systems from AbsolutAire provide an ideal industrial HVAC solution. Locate a sales representative or contact us Learn more about the I-series of indirect fired heating and ventilation units from AbsolutAire today.