Keep Your Space Warm in the New Year With Effective Heat Recovery


The holiday season may have passed, but we aren’t out of winter just yet. Keeping your workers comfortable in the cooler months is key to ensuring a productive workplace, but sometimes having effective space heating can use up a lot of energy. Helping to lower the cost of heating by reducing the heating load, as well as the amount of fuel and electricity used to keep facilities supplied with warm air, when you are looking for a system that can help make your space’s heating more efficient, the heat recovery systems from AbsolutAire can provide you with an energy saving solution.

Efficient Solutions That Meet the Requirements of Many Applications

With heat recovery systems that use either plate-to-plate heat exchangers or heat pipes for the transfer of sensible heat, or run-around recovery coils that eliminate cross contamination, your space can benefit from a system that efficiently recovers heat from your space’s exhaust air. Whether you are in need of a high efficiency solution, or need to ensure your space has warm, clean air, the heat recovery units from AbsolutAire will help you meet your applications air quality requirements while helping to provide your space with effective space heating.

Heat Recovery Options For Direct Fired Heating and Ventilation Systems

Available for any of the AA-Series and R-Series of direct fired heating and ventilating systems, the heat recovery systems from AbsolutAire were designed to help enhance the environmentally friendly and energy efficient designs of their make-up air systems. With optional features like by-pass dampeners for seasonal operation, electronic and digital temperature controls, as well as supply-air and exhaust-air fans, the heat recovery units can be customized to meet your specifications. Allowing for greater control over your heat recovery systems, you can ensure that your direct heating, ventilation, and make-up air systems have the adaptability needed to provide efficient and comfortable heating that meets the unique needs of your space.

When you are looking to cut your heating and energy bill costs by providing your industrial spaces with efficient heating, the energy and heat recovery systems can help you keep your workers comfortable in the new year by reducing the heating, fuel, and electrical load to your space. To learn more about how the energy and heat recovery systems offered by AbsolutAire can benefit your industrial space, contact us today.