Keep Spaces Comfortable with Efficient Cooling Options from AbsolutAire


Making sure your spaces have adequate cooling is essential for maintaining employee comfort, and while the direct fired and indirect fired heating units from AbsolutAire have done well in keeping your workers comfortable when outside temperatures dropped, they can still serve to keep your employees cool as the we move into the season of scorching outside temperatures. With cooling options available for all the air handling units from AbsolutAire, as well no matter what kind of air management system you have, you’ll be able to provide your employees with a cool environment, keeping them comfortable and productive away from the summer heat.

Cooling options for your choice of air handling unit

All the air handling units from absolute air can come with cooling options that can bring comfort to your space. Whether your space demands air recirculation, make up air, ventilation, or even space heating, they can be capable of providing a steady stream of cooling air as well. With options that allow for direct expansion and chilled water cooling with the CB-Series mechanical cooling system, and evaporative media cooling with the EVN- and EVR-Series Evaporative cooling systems, no matter which unit from AbsolutAire best suits your commercial, industrial, or even office workspace, you and your employees can benefit from efficient cooling. Also capable of allowing for humidity control, the cooling options that can be added to AbsolutAire’s air handling units can help you maintain a comfortable workspace.

Stand Alone Cooling Capabilities

If you are looking to add low cost, effective cooling to your space, but don’t have a compatible HVAC unit, you can still make use of the cooling options offered by AbsolutAire. With the capabilities to be installed as standalone units, the CB-Series, EVN-Series, and EVR-Series cooling systems can provide your space with a low-cost cooling solution that helps to improve your spaces air quality, while increasing worker comfort.

No matter what your spaces cooling needs are, whether you need an HVAC unit with cooling options, or standalone cooling, the cooling options from AbsolutAire can help you maintain a comfortable working environment during unbearable summer heat. View our cooling options to find the one that best fits your space or contact us today to learn more about how you can make use of our cooling systems.