Efficient Air Turnover that Keeps Spaces Comfortable with Clean Inside Air


Even as warmer weather arrives, having control over your spaces air quality and temperature remains an essential part of maintaining comfortable environment for your guests and employees. Having an air turnover unit can provide your space with reliable uniform air temperature control and ventilation, while also producing less greenhouse gases than other methods of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. With an air turnover unit from AbsolutAire, you can provide your space with some of the most efficient, environmentally friendly air handling.

What is Air Turnover?

Air turnover units work to control and condition the air in a space by taking inside air that’s low to the ground and filtering it before recirculating it back into the space. By filtering and recirculating inside air, an air turnover unit is an excellent way to keep the air fresh in environments where air quality needs to be maintained for comfort where drawing in outside air through ductwork would be inefficient. Warehouses, Industrial applications, government, and public buildings are all spaces that can benefit from air turnover. Using as little as 2% outside air while providing uniform air quality and temperature at capacities up 120,000 CFM and 7,000 MBH, the E-Series air turnover system from AbsolutAire offers an energy efficient air turnover system that achieves maximum ventilation, temperature, and quality control.

Precise Temperature Control

If you’re looking for an air handling unit that works to keep your space’s air fresh but also maintain a comfortable temperature, then an air turnover unit is exactly what you’re looking for. E-Series units feature direct fired heating which allows them to reliably provide heat to spaces but are also capable of keeping your spaces cool during the hotter months. With options for direct expansion or chilled water-cooling coils, the E-Series air turnover unit is just as capable of keeping your space cool as it is at providing heating. Being are direct fired, the E-Series air turnover units by AbsolutAire outperform indirect-fired heated air turnover units when it comes to maintaining temperatures inside spaces.

An Environmentally Friendly System

The E-Series air turnover unit was developed to be one of the most environmentally friendly air turnover units, making use of some of the most energy efficient fans and burners available. Because of its design, the E-Series produces 40% less carbon dioxide than other air handling systems. Designed for maximum fuel conservation and minimal electrical consumption, the E-Series of air turnover units makes for a green choice in maintaining your spaces air quality and comfort.

Ensuring maximum space comfort with a minimal environmental impact, The E-Series of air turnover units from AbsolutAire are some of the most efficient, and effective ways to maintain your space’s air quality and temperature. Contact us today to learn more about the E-Series air turnover systems, or any other air handling units offered by AbsolutAire.