Benefit from Direct-Fired Heat and More with the S-Series Custom Air Handler


When your building needs an air handling system custom built specifically to bring the best circulation, heating, cooling, filtration, and more, the S-Series air handling system from AbsolutAire does the job. With a variety of features available that bring benefits to the owner, we guarantee our S-Series can give your building or unique processes the exact solutions they need.

Variety of options

AbsolutAire’s S-Series air handling system can give you a variety of options and solutions for industrial heating, ventilation, indirect or direct-fired heat, makeup air, and more. The S-Series is crafted specifically to meet the needs of your facility, ensuring that proper temperatures are maintained, and that your space is clear of contaminants that may affect air quality or operation processes. With options for dehumidification and humidification, custom filtration, cooling, etc., you can be sure that the S-Series can be designed to meet even the most demanding of space requirements.

Custom controls

The S-Series air handling systems not only deliver solutions for your facilities, but they do so with a variety of controller options to seamlessly integrate with your current building managment system, or to serve as a stand-alone system. Through the use of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), you get complete control of your S-Series system, so you can make any adjustments when necessary. This helps you save costs on your air handling methods by making in the moment adjustments to increase effectiveness of the system. With changing seasons, having the capability to adjust your air handling with ease can be a great benefit to ensure that you’re maintaining the proper temperature and/or humidification levels inside as it drastically changes outside.

AbsolutAire offers the best products and services for total air control systems. With the S-Series air handling system, you get ultimate control and flexibility to meet any even the most challenging of specifications.