Kevin J. Ingersoll

Product Development Engineer

Kevin Ingersoll is the Product Development Engineer at AbsolutAire. In this role, he is responsible for all third-party testing and listing of AbsolutAire equipment, product improvement, and equipment development. This requires Kevin to work closely with various AbsolutAire manufacturing departments during equipment construction and testing phases. Kevin is also a member of the sales department, providing quotations and technical support to outside AbsolutAire manufacturing representatives.

Kevin joined AbsolutAire in 2015, following more than 35 years in the HVAC and Green Energy markets. Most notably, he worked for 26 years at Rapid Engineering, fulfilling several positions, the last of which was Product Manager. He has also held positions with Heat Transfer International as Purchasing and Project Manager, specializing in biomass power generation equipment and high temperature ceramic heat exchangers. Kevin held this same position for Fisen Corporation, a manufacturer of custom HVAC equipment for Johnson Controls, in Dutton, MI.