Corrine Racine

Administrative Assistant

Corrine Racine is the Administrative Assistant at AbsolutAire.  Among many responsibilities, she is charged with maintaining and organizing literature and office supply inventory levels, assisting in sales representative fulfillment requests, and coordinating special activity requirements. Corrine also maintains all orders on “approval status,” answers and routes incoming calls, handles visitor reception, and assists Sales with order acknowledgements.

Corrine joined AbsolutAire in August 2014 as a temporary employee, coming on full-time in November 2014.  Prior to joining the company, Corrine worked for the Comstock Public School district for 30 years.  Her most recent position in the district, held for 18 years, was that of Administrative Assistant, which required her to maintain the daily operations of the Elementary School.

Corrine has taken classes at Rochester College before transferring to Western Michigan University.  Most recently, she has followed up with courses at Kalamazoo Valley Community College.